Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Alchemy is transforming the lead of emotional debris into the gold of self-realization.

About a Session:

• It honors the body/mind/spirit connection.

• It is an interactive 2 hour Inner Journey in a relaxed alert state where you can connect with deep feelings, memories, and guidance through the subconscious and superconscious (higher self) mind.

• It creates a very intimate bond between you and the Magical Child you once were.

• It honors and allows you to discover that the answers you seek can be found within.

• It clears emotional blocks from your childhood or past lives and frees up creative energy.

• It puts you in direct contact with your Higher Self, Angels, Guides or Soul.

• It connects you with the different parts of you, your sub-personalities, so you can unify the voices inside and “Become One Self”.

• Each session, even the first one, is complete in itself to help clear an issue in your life, although the greatest benefit can be derived from a series of approximately five sessions.

• Alchemy is a spiritual discipline that works with your conscious cooperation. It is your responsibility to utilize the new strategies in your life that you discover during your sessions. It then becomes a way of living that creates rapid and lasting, profound changes.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy techniques are sometimes used during a Reiki session.