* Gift certificates available for all sessions, classes & workshops.

** Note: The modalities that have a ‘Buy Now’ button below it are for National and International clients who wish to have my services, but are too far away to see me in person. These modalities can be provided either via telephone (phone consultations), Skype (TFT) or Remote Healing (Medical Intuitive & Reiki sessions). I no longer commute to your home or hospital, but I do give sessions remotely.

To Schedule a healing session, please send an email to Marilyn@LightHealer.net. Please do not pay for your session until you have talked to me first..

**Anyone who was referred by Dr. Alex Loyd or The Healing Codes team for the combined Medical Intuitive/Healing Codes special offer must pay for their sessions via The Healing Codes website..

Reiki Healing

Medical Intuitive/Reiki Session 
$275 per hour 
(1st session is 1.5 hours = $410.)
$135. 30-minute session

Reiki Remote/Distant Healing Combined with Medical Intuitive Readings - Use PayPal Button

Length of Session:
Reiki Session
$125 per hour
(1st session is 1.5 hours = $190.) $65 per 30-minute session

Reiki Remote Healing Session combined with any modality (except Medical Intuitive Reading) – Use PayPal Button

Length of Session
Reiki & Medical Intuitive Sessions for Children
(Reiki discounted fees for children)

Please see the drop-down boxes for Medical Intuitive/Reiki combination, or Reiki sessions.

Length/Type of Session
Reiki For Pets
$90 per Hour
Length of Session

Other Healing Services

Mental Coaching Service
$75 per Hour

Somatic Healing
 $90 per Hour (in person only)
Combine with any other modality @ no extra charge.
Telephone Consultations
$90 per Hour

Length of Session
Thought Field Therapy
$90 per Hour

Classes & Workshops