Modern Tools, Eternal Technology TM

BioGenesis is an ancient technology, and has been re-introduced in 1999. BioGenesis is to make life better.

The BioGenesis Tools restore harmony to the body, the emotions and mind, as well as to one’s home, workplace & life.

They can help with your healing in all areas:

• Restores harmony

• Removes negativity

• Focuses & directs Light of Genesis to heal physical trauma, organs, degenerative conditions/diseases, etc.

• Redirects currents of energy

• Removes obstacles

• Prosperity

• Alleviates stress & anxiety

• Translates desires

• Removes addictions

• Provides protection form negativity & disease

• Removes toxins

• Helps heal burns

• Brings about more energy

• Greater happiness

• Greater success

• Removes infection

• Strengthens and regenerates