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Dr. Alex Loyd, NY Times Best-Selling Author

I found a beautiful lady, who was miraculously given a gift by God 16 years ago – she can see inside your body, just like you and I can see the outside of the body.

This gift has been consistently validated by M.D.'s and surgeons in her city who have sent their patients to her for years… whom they could not diagnose – and they say she is always right.

How would you like to be told “EXACTLY” what’s wrong with you, that no M.D. in the world, and no medical test in the world could tell you???

* Have you had extensive and expensive tests and all the tests were negative, and you are still very sick?

* Has your doctor told you, "It's all in your mind, there's nothing physically wrong with you"?

* Has your doctor told you, "Maybe you should see a psychiatrist or a psychologist"?

* Have you been diagnosed with an illness or disease and given medicine and protocol for it, but you are getting worse?

* Have you suffered through painful treatments and you don't feel any better?

* Would you like to find the root cause of your disease, disorder or illness without having to leave your home?

In my experience, NONE of these things are possible without a MIRACLE! Almost any M.D. or hard scientist would tell you that they are not possible – period.

(They certainly are NOT possible with anything else I know of on Earth – outside of God.)

A little history: I was conducting a Healing Codes workshop in Nashville, Tennessee just after New Years in 2014. After the event, many people came up to say hi, ask a question, make a comment, etc. I was taken aback when I met a medical doctor from Atlanta who told me about Marilyn from Atlanta who had an experience with God many years before, and could literally “see” inside the body – a second sight, if you will. He just went on and on about her. He said that when he, after running all relevant tests, could not figure out what was wrong with his patients, would send them to Marilyn, and that she was always right.

The doctor had been doing this for years, and said there were other M.D.’s in Atlanta who did the same, with the same results. He told me the reason he was at my workshop was because of her. She could see what different modalities did in the body, and that Marilyn said the Healing Codes stimulated the pituitary and pineal glands, along with clearing and balancing all of the chakras and bringing more Chi into the body within minutes.

To say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I met her, talked with her, and tested her, all on different days. I talked to others who had known and worked with her for many years. I found “zero” red flags. Everything was on the up and up. The people I talked with, including M.D.’s, all confirmed each other in regard to this “miracle lady”. So, I prayed and contacted Marilyn to see if she would be interested in doing a joint program with us, for everyone’s benefit and healing. I was so excited to find out that she had been thinking the same thing and was ready to go, to help more people heal than ever before.

A WIN/WIN/WIN SITUATION started to take shape.

As a side note, on a recent Dr. Oz show, he had a medical intuitive. This man could not do what Marilyn does, but he could do something similar by looking at the outside of the body. Dr. Oz’s response was; “This is remarkable. That you could tell that from looking at people from the outside.” The man accurately diagnosed the person’s health issues, as determined by medical tests, only by looking at the outside of the body.

I bring Dr. Oz up because even though what I am telling you about, to me, is a miracle, there are others who have been gifted with similar abilities, and they have been validated, as on the Dr. Oz show.

For many years, Marilyn had a desire and prayer to “help people heal”. This is extraordinary to me, because that is our company motto, that we filter everything we do thoroughly. She was doing that through various types of therapy like Reiki, Somatic Healing, TFT, etc. One day, about 16 years ago, while doing therapy on a client, “she instantaneously could see inside the person's body”. This had never happened before. She heard no audible words or messages to explain it, she could just see inside the body. She could see the liver, gallbladder, heart, brain, cells, inside the intestines, etc., as you and I see the outside of the arm, nose, and foot. And she has been able to do this ever since. She is absolutely NOT a palm or card reader or anything like that. She can simply “see” inside the body.

Over the last 16 years, she has been using this “gift from God”, as she calls it, to help as many people as she can. She saw this new partnership with us as a way she can be of more help and service than she has before.

In the 16 years she has been using this “second sight”, she has 98% accuracy. She will very often tell you, after her assessment, go to your doctor and have him test for this, or something similar. In other words, you are not just left to her word. She wants you to confirm it, and will often direct you to do so.

I also certainly understand you finding this hard to believe – so did I. I had probably met around 30 individuals over the last 20 years who claimed to be genuine medical Intuitives – feel or see inside the body. Every single one was wrong about me, and others I had them evaluate, as a test. Everyone except Marilyn. There are even programs out there that can supposedly teach you how to do this. My experience is that their training doesn’t work, and the trainer usually can’t do it either. I believe, as with Marilyn, it is a gift, not something learned or taught.

Blessings, Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex Loyd

NY Times Best-Selling Author, The Healing Code

March 2016

Lyme Disease ~ Our Journey, with a Medical Intuitive

I wanted to let you know how very, very thankful we are for your sessions with my husband, Joe. I'm not sure if you remember, but Joe had spent over three weeks in two different hospitals over the holidays, including Moffitt Cancer Center. He had lost 30 pounds in a month and was in excruciating, relentless pain. Over 20 doctors had no diagnosis that would explain his severe pain.

After weeks on multiple narcotics including Ocycotin, Morphine and Dilaudid, Joe was finally able to get out of bed once he was on 100mcgs Fentanyl patch with Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Still, with no diagnosis, when we heard about your medical intuitive services, we knew that we had to give it a try - conventional medicine did not know what was wrong and could not help!

After your session with Joe, you let us know that he had Lyme disease and co-infections. In all of the doctors and tests that he endured (including two biopsies that were clear), no one had tested Joe for Lyme disease. So, we went back to his Infectious Disease doctor and asked that he be tested for Lyme. She was hesitant, but had a Western Blot test done which came back negative. She told Joe that he was a mystery and told him the only thing he could do was to continue to go to his pain management doctor.

Because of your sessions, we pursued researching Lyme disease and Joe started taking holistic supplements for Lyme. We eventually found a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) who also performed alternative treatments. The LLMD had Joe re-tested for Lyme through iGenex labs and also had a PCR test done through Fry Labs. So finally, after 4 months and over 20 doctors, Joe was officially diagnosed with Lyme disease, something you knew all along!

Without your session, we would not have known to research Lyme disease and pursue more tests for confirmation. Joe might be dead by now - he had been in such bad health that his kidneys stopped filtering and he was bed-ridden.

I wanted to let you know that you may have saved Joe's life! And you absolutely saved his quality of life, as he is improving with his alternative IV treatments for Lyme disease. He is now on 50mcgs of Fentanyl instead of 100mcgs and plans to continue to wean off of the narcotics. He is no longer in a wheelchair and can get out of bed every day and do some of things that he enjoys again :). He continues to improve.

I wish everyone could have the opportunity that Joe had, to be able experience your gift! There is so much wasted time when you can cut to the chase and point people in the right direction. We don't know how to thank you enough!

Much love, Brandy & Joe Oliver
Tampa Bay, Florida
May 2015

Dr. Mike Litrel, Surgeon ~ Marilyn's Medical Intuitive Abilities & Healing Touch

A Medical Doctor Looks at Energy Healing

I practice obstetrics and gynecology. As a specialist in female pelvic surgery, I’m well acquainted with both the wonders and the limitations of my field. Indeed, I witness daily the miraculous transformations in the health of my patients when a surgical problem is expertly addressed. It’s a lot of fun. I like helping people.

Yet in many ways, Marilyn is my mentor and teacher in the healing arts. I keep a loose leaf binder of information about Marilyn Cramer, her Medical Intuitive abilities and Reiki in all my exam rooms. And as a surgeon, I tell my patients that any time you can avoid the knife it is best to do so. Why have your body cut on if there is another way?

Reiki Is Another Way to Health

Marilyn offers an alternative or supplement to traditional western medicine. Reiki falls under that mysterious rubric in my mind I call “Energy Medicine.” It is something I don’t pretend to understand, but whose wonders I have witnessed firsthand.

About five years ago, after meeting with Marilyn and studying the basic concepts of Reiki, I began to send her an occasional patient prior to the patient’s scheduled surgery. I was skeptical, of course, and insecure that my patients would view me as a quack. So I let the patients choose themselves for the referral. If they picked up Marilyn’s loose leaf binder in my office and expressed curiosity or interest, I encouraged them to meet with her.

A Growing History of Observable Results

The first time I visited a post-surgical patient who had seen Marilyn, I was very much surprised. Only hours after surgery, I found the patient sitting up in bed cheerfully eating Jell-O. I had removed cancer from her body through a foot long incision. “I’m only having a little pain,” she related. More typical patients would hardly have been able to move. Instead of spending four or five days in the hospital after her surgery, she was able to return home after only two days of recovery.

With another patient, Marilyn called me before the operation and told me she had spotted something wrong with the patient’s gallbladder, and it appeared enlarged. I was polite on the phone, but inwardly I rolled my eyes. Sheepishly, I later called Marilyn to admit that she had been right: my patient’s gall bladder was indeed enlarged to four or five times its normal size.

Gradually I began to understand that Marilyn was an invaluable help in my practice of medicine.

Reiki Sometimes Heals When Nothing Else Will

A couple of years ago, I received a call from a patient whose uterus and ovaries I had removed several years previously. Over the weekend, she had suffered severe pelvic pain, and was diagnosed in the emergency room with an ovarian cyst. She demanded, How was it possible for her ovaries to grow back? My office was full of patients and I was in a bit of a hurry to get off the phone. Clumsily I immediately related that I had seen this happen in only a few instances - ones in which the patient in question had been sexually abused.

I was met on the phone by dead silence. Then my patient broke the silence with tears, relating what she had never admitted to anyone: that her father had raped her repeatedly from the time she was eight years old until she was fourteen – strong enough to fight him off.

An ultrasound in my office confirmed the existence of an ovarian cyst. The amount of pain she was experiencing made surgery once again inevitable. But instead of posting her surgery that week, I decided to recommend she see Marilyn. My patient was reluctant, but I strongly encouraged her.

My patient called me the next day. Her pain was gone. She had been in session with Marilyn when the chronic pain had wonderfully and spontaneously dissipated. Marilyn later described the session to me: there was a “black energy knife” through my patient’s heart, which Marilyn worked with “the Angels” to remove. And when the knife was gone, the pain was gone, too.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, when I repeated an ultrasound, the cyst could not be found.

I Witnessed a Kind of Miracle

One last amazing story is necessary for me to round out this account of working with Marilyn. A couple of years ago, the wife of a physician colleague arrived in the hospital. She was in a coma. With an accidental overdose of Tylenol, she quickly went into a liver failure so severe that she was given no hope of recovery, and was removed from the liver transplant list. A team of doctors was working on her, but they began to rate her chances of recovery as “slim to none.” Her young children at home would soon be motherless. There was nothing I could think of to add – until I thought of Marilyn.

Marilyn arrived at the hospital that night, and for ninety minutes performed Reiki on my colleague’s wife. When she was done, she emerged from the intensive care unit and happily announced to me that the young wife and mother would live. I pulled Marilyn to the side and hushed her in a polite way: don’t give the desperate family false hope. But Marilyn was confident; she understood something on a deeper level than I did as a physician.

Remarkably, my colleague’s wife recovered within a couple of weeks. Her liver spontaneously regenerated. No transplant was necessary, she experienced no lasting damage, and the physician team could give no explanation for her astounding recovery. Just one of those "medical miracles".

Science and Medicine Are In Their Infancy

There is no scientific explanation for how Reiki works; it is not a part of any medical curriculum. But science is a limited tool. Consider that less than two hundred years ago no one knew about microorganisms. We couldn’t see bacteria, we had no microscopes. But just because we didn’t understand what was happening didn’t mean that infections weren’t being transmitted every day, that people were not suffering and dying from the mysterious contagion of microorganisms.

The powers of Reiki are not understood by our “modern science.” There is no scientific tool to measure the healing energy that Masters of this art provide for their patients. But people still get better. Perhaps it’s the same thing with prayer, and hope, and love. There is no way to measure these energies, yet without them, life is bereft and barren.

So in my personal journey toward becoming a more effective and talented healer, I am grateful to God for bringing Marilyn Cramer into my life as my teacher and friend. I look forward to continue working with her to help others in need.

Dr. Mike Litrel is Chief of Surgery at Northside Hospital Cherokee.
He's also an Associate Professor at Emory University.

Lyme Disease ~ Marilyn as Medical Intuitive

For almost 20 years, I existed in this shell of a body that is supposed to be called living. I felt the entire time that something was missing in my life, as if there was a hole in my heart. I called it a "homesick feeling.” That feeling of just wanting to be at home and comforted by your mom.  From my teenage years and into adulthood, this was a feeling I couldn't shake. Complete malaise.

In my late teens to early 20’s, my body started to slowly shut down with just one small thing at a time. It was just enough to concern the doctors and require some surgery, which often left me worse than the condition I was in prior to surgery.

I had debilitating pain and depression that would continuously lead doctors to not believing me, saying I was depressed, wanted attention, a hypochondriac and my favorite, "a drug seeker," as I was in horrible pain and wanted it to go away. They thought I was making it all up.

My test results showed my inflammation rate was extremely high, and when the pain got really intense so did my blood pressure. I would have no appetite and could barely hold food down. It was finally around my 33rd birthday when I had dropped 50 lbs in less than 4 months that things took a turn for the worse and my life was on the line (I was a normal weight before then).

After over a dozen surgeries to fix problems, I started to decline faster. I had 3 beautiful, very young daughters and a recently new-found love and marriage after my first capsized as soon as things got tough. I had everything I could want, and that should have seemed to be the missing piece to my puzzle; however, I continued to decline.

My relationship with God was struggling at this point, because I didn't understand "why me", and why if I have everything I could want that I was still feeling the same. However, my strong faith kept me praying and talking to God multiple times a day. Begging for normalcy if not for me, then for my kids.

I saw 30 plus doctors (cost tens of thousands of dollars) and felt nothing but disgust in the way the medical field treated me on my desperate journey to figure out why I wasn't healing. This was just the beginning of people discrediting me and not taking me seriously. They treated me as if my life was less valuable than everyone else's.

I finally got a suggestion from my OB/GYN who had treated me longer than any other doctor I had ever had (because most of them dropped me as a patient). He made some recommendations. He was the only doctor that took me seriously and investigated every problem I had, which normally lead to a solution of the issue and got me through 3 healthy pregnancies. (He had performed more than a half dozen surgeries on me, and he knew something wasn't right.)

He stressed to me his concern, and he knew I wasn't "faking" my symptoms. He gave me a recommendation (that was at the time truly out of the box), and promised me he had witnessed miracles performed by Marilyn Cramer. He said if anyone could figure this out and figure it out fast, that she was the one.

Having 100% faith in my doctor and my continual prayer for guidance to find help, I felt an overall sense of comfort that this might lead me in the right direction. I made an appointment with Marilyn that day.

Little did I know, God sent me an Angel and the answer to my prayers. I was welcomed by this sweet, soft-spoken woman whom I could tell felt every emotion and physical pain I was in.

After our first 1-hour session, she had a complete “diagnosis”. I was unaware and uneducated on what she found in my body at that time. Marilyn told me that she saw Lyme disease in my body. She saw the spirochetes and the co-infections in my cells. Marilyn is a Medical Intuitive. After our session, Marilyn gave me information that she had researched and trusted. I went home, studied it, and then followed up with a doctor that was literate in my condition and knew the proper test to run, and the proper labs to run them through. Marilyn sent me to a Lyme Literate MD.

When the results came back from the lab, Marilyn had a 100% accuracy rating, and she even found things it took doctors another year to figure out.

My faith in God and my faith in humanity were renewed within moments of meeting Marilyn.

In the bible, Jesus promises us to send healers in the future.

Marilyn is a direct, Divine creation of God himself.

She has not only been my guidance, but my healer and my regained hope and faith in humanity and in God himself.

She is just as human as the rest of us, but has been given a gift that can change the world as we know it and she's doing it by healing one person at a time. She’s doing this rather than trying to exploit her gift for money and selfish reasons. In fact, she might be the purest and most selfless person that I have ever met.

I hereby testify that her gift is beyond an understanding that most of us can comprehend. With faith in God, he had assured me that she is a gift sent directly from him and the answers to my prayers. She has saved my life and given me new reasons to fight and to keep going. She has also given me something that I lost when I got sick, and that is unconditional love through a new-found love and friendship.

I thank God every day for this amazing woman!

Sally Lewis
Woodstock, GA

Addictions & Rosacea

I've been working with a mentor for several years and when I discussed with her a lifelong health imbalance, she advised me to work with an energy healer.

Since my earliest recollection, I have craved sugar. After decades of a diet high in sugar and over eating, my health was compromised in many ways. Beyond the physical addiction, there was also a deep emotional response connected to my behavior. I had tried countless times to overcome the addiction with self-discipline and a variety of supplements, and consulted several doctors in an attempt to rid myself of the sugar cravings.

Rosacea was a daily issue and was getting progressively worse as a result of the stress on my body. My dermatologist had told me that there is no cure, only antibiotic treatment. My numerous attempts and varied activities failed to clear this condition.

I found Marilyn’s name, called and briefly provided her my history. During my first conversation with Marilyn she provided me guidance on diet and supplements. At my Reiki session we discussed my condition further. Marilyn saw Candida and inflammation in my intestines and the ill effects my diet had taken on my liver. During and immediately after the session I was aware that I felt much more relaxed and stronger, but I didn't realize until several days later that I had released a lifelong pattern.

I have not had any sugar (candy, desserts, alcohol, etc.) or any sugar cravings since our first Reiki session. The Rosacea is greatly reduced and is continuing to improve every day. I believe that with the changes in my behavior and diet, and as I continue to heal, the Rosacea will completely clear.

I cannot completely express my gratitude to Marilyn, for working with me to help me free myself of an unhealthy condition that ruled my behavior all my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to restore and strengthen their health. I believe that her gift in assisting others with their healing is phenomenal; it’s changed my life.

Sharon Matson
Cumming, GA & Annascaul, Ireland

Chronic Pelvic Pain & Ovarian Remnants


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the Reiki Treatments. Being introduced to Reiki has changed my life physically, mentally and yes, spiritually too!

In March 2006, I had a partial hysterectomy due to chronic pelvic pain and cysts. At the time, I elected to keep my ovaries because I didn’t want to go into early menopause. Plus, I try to keep up with two young children. In February 2007, I had my second surgery to remove my ovaries due to excessive scar tissue resulting in more cysts. By Sept. 2007, I revisited Dr. Mike Litrel, my OB/GYN, complaining yet again of chronic pelvic pain, only to find out with an ultrasound that I had ovarian remnants. In layman's terms, that simply means that the scar tissue was still producing hormones and cysts were formed. Just my luck!

My OB/GYN said that it would require another surgery to remove the cysts and hopefully minimize the scar tissue. I told my doctor that I was NOT interested in going through another surgery. There had to be another way. My OB/GYN is a Christian doctor and he told me about an alternative treatment to traditional medicine called Reiki. He took the time to tell me about you and how you have helped so many people with your healing hands.

To be honest, at the time, I didn’t know what to think, but I knew I wasn’t going through surgery again so I walked out of his office and called you from my cell phone as I was walking to my car! I was afraid I’d talk myself out of it if I hadn’t called you right away.

After my initial conversation with you by phone, I felt such a sense of peace about you. You’re soft spoken and have a calming spirit about you. I knew right then that I was moving in the right direction. Over the next 2 months, I saw you 2 times a month for a Reiki treatment, still determined more than ever that I would not have to have my upcoming surgery scheduled for November.

Marilyn, I could go into details of our conversations after my Reiki treatments; however, I cannot express into words the transformation that I’ve received from your healing touch. I will say that I felt an energy surge through my body, which I’ve never experienced before. I will also say that I felt a tremendous amount of stress being lifted as though it was being carried off by Angels.

And as crazy as this might sound to others that have never had a Reiki experience, on my last follow up appointment, my ultrasound revealed NOT ONE TRACE of the ovarian remnants. It was completely gone and it felt good to cancel my pre-op appointment with the hospital!!

Interestingly enough, my Reiki experience has left me PAIN FREE after years and years of chronic pelvic pain. I’m emotionally empowered and still not on a hormone replacement therapy, and I’m spiritually connected which enables me to find joy and peace with my family. I can never thank you enough for what you’ve done to help me.

Warmest Regards,

Alison Neu
Woodstock, GA

Childhood Trauma ~ My Healing Journey

I was very fortunate to have a friend refer me to Marilyn several years ago when I was preparing to have minor surgery. I believe strongly in the mind-body-spirit connection and wanted to prepare and strengthen my body for the surgery and to speed my recovery time. This was one of my first formal experiences with Reiki, and it was clear from the first time I met Marilyn that I was in exceptional hands! She put me right at ease, and I found the session to be very relaxing, balancing and comforting. The session also helped me heal from my surgery faster than I expected.

Two years after my first session with Marilyn, there was something bothering me deep down, and I didn't know what it was. I saw Marilyn to find out if anything traumatic happened that I couldn't recall. All the other therapies I tried over the years didn't help me find the answer. After years of spending thousands of dollars on a psychologist and different therapies, I scheduled a Reiki session with Marilyn and had immediate results during the 1st session. Much buried emotional trauma surfaced during the sessions (in layers as it was buried), and was released. Marilyn spoke to my guardian angels, and she received messages from them that helped with my healing process. It's amazing how Marilyn can see what's wrong inside your body and in your energy field, and how she gets answers from higher guidance. She not only intuitively knows what's wrong, but she communicates with the angels, archangels, and ascended masters.

I have been having regular Reiki and BioGenesis healing sessions with Marilyn for the past six months now to help work through some buried childhood traumas and other issues, and I can truly say that it has made a tremendous impact on my emotional and spiritual well being. I feel energetically centered after a session, and am constantly amazed at how Marilyn intuitively knows how to best help me.

As a Reiki Master and gifted healer, Marilyn is truly a compassionate and caring soul. The most wonderful thing is how blessed I feel that she shares the gift of Reiki (and herself) with others. Whether your challenge is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, Reiki can help you on your journey towards health, peace, harmony and wholeness.

In fact, I am so impressed with the benefits I have personally enjoyed from Reiki that I am taking one of Marilyn's terrific classes to learn this ancient healing art myself! Thank you, Marilyn!

Melissa Coffey
Atlanta, GA

Extreme Phobias & Anxiety - Part 1

To hear that your child is sick… be a virus, disease, anything – is horrible to deal with. My daughter Makenna is now 13, but at the time she got ill, she was 11. She came down with mono, and then strep 2 weeks later. Heaven forbid, not cancer and nothing that some parents have to ordeal. It hit Makenna hard because she is so small. She only weighed 55 lbs. at that time. She is very small and frail. Her body was not able to fight any illness, thus all the good bacteria was killed in her body – she was losing weight at a fast rate, which she could not afford.

Numerous trips to the hospital for IV's to keep her hydrated followed. The Doctors at first, could not figure out what was happening. She had to go through a endoscopy procedure - put under anesthesia – to take pictures of her stomach and esophagus. They did find a hole eaten because of the illness in the base of her stomach. Makenna was not only failing physically, but mentally it was taking its toll. She had to drop out of the school she had been in since kindergarten, because she was missing too much school. She had to be away from her friends and be home schooled, until she could get her strength back. As a mother, it was a hard time also watching this because Makenna was very social.

She saw psychiatrists and attended group therapy sessions because she started having panic disorder and depression from going through this ordeal. I was losing hope on how to help her.

My best friend, Valorie Duckworth, moved to Georgia and remained very close to my daughter. She recommended that I fly Makenna to Atlanta and see Marilyn. I was skeptical - did not know much about Reiki treatments and this form of healing, but trusted Val and knew we had to try. I remember walking in and meeting Marilyn – her kind spirit and beautiful smile – and I knew we had come to the right place. Makenna went through an intensive treatment with Marilyn… I didn't go into the room. Makenna trusted Marilyn enough to go by herself. Val and I stayed outside in another room for almost 2 hours.

Before we saw Marilyn, Makenna had to be medicated to fly because of her panic disorder. The minute she walked out of the treatment room, she looked at me and told me she wasn't afraid anymore, and wasn't even afraid to fly home. I broke down because I saw my Makenna coming back.

She was a new person from that day on, and I am a firm believer and owe much gratitude for Marilyn. Makenna even practices techniques Marilyn taught her to do if negative feelings came back, and she did the treatments on herself. Marilyn called, and to this day checks on Makenna. I am happy to say Makenna is back in school, looking forward to her 8th grade year with her friends - back socially and physically. She has put 10 pounds back on. I am eternally grateful to Valorie for introducing me to Marilyn – and to Marilyn, Thank You SO much for giving me my daughter back. We love you so.


Kathy Hallett
Lone Tree, CO

Extreme Phobias & Anxiety - Part 2

Hi Marilyn!!

Hope you are doing well!! I just wanted to thank you and to say how great Makenna is doing after her Reiki & TFT session with you.

Makenna has been positive and was not scared to go on the plane home!!! Her anxiety has been under control and her fear of vomiting has been under control!!! On the plane ride home, Makenna talked to the 7 Angels you saw around her; as you know, she can see Angels too. She was very excited!

She has decided to go back to her old school this Fall, which I am happy about. It will be a real test because that’s where her anxiety was the worst. Every time she thought about the school, she was anxiety ridden.

I really enjoyed meeting you, and Val speaks so highly of you. I know why after meeting you, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did for Makenna. I am truly amazed by your ability to cure, and words can’t even express the gratitude I have. Hope your summer is great and look forward to someday seeing you again!!


Kathy Hallett
Lone Tree, Colorado

Clearing an Entity Out of My House

For a long time I felt drained every time I walked into our townhouse, and my husband and my 2 young daughters would experience the same thing that I did. As soon as we would step outside, we felt better and we had more energy again. I also felt depressed every time I was at home.

Strange things would happen in our home, such as the channels on the TV automatically changing or the books falling off the bookcase. Our dog would bark incessantly at the closet near our living room, and we would hear footsteps going up and down the stairs in the middle of the night. One time we were listening to a CD, and it kept switching to song #17.

When I first talked to Marilyn about feeling drained and depressed when I came home, she immediately tuned in to an entity in our house. She said he wasn't dangerous, but he had a really strong energy. Marilyn agreed to do a house clearing.

Marilyn discovered as she was communicating with this entity that he died of prostate cancer, and his name was Edward. He was angry that he died before he was ready to go, and he was in his early 60’s when he died. He died in the same hospital where my son was born. Marilyn said he followed us home. When I thought about it, that’s right at the time I started feeling drained. It wasn’t postpartum depression, and my whole family felt it – not just me.

After Marilyn did her entity clearing work, I came home and immediately felt the difference. I had so much energy, and I felt so happy! I cleaned the entire house, and I danced with my 2 daughters in the living room. We’ve all felt better since that day of the clearing, and we no longer hear footsteps on the stairs. The dog doesn’t bark at the closet anymore, either. We’re happy to report that everything is back to normal at our house!

Kacy Thomas
Acworth, GA

My Healing After Surgery ~ An Article Dr. Pam Stone wrote for her Newsletter

In the middle of the month, I underwent surgery on my wrist. I had a bad bicycle crash last summer where I broke my wrist in a few places, and after a year of healing without full recovery, and then a MRI and CAT scan, I decided the best thing for my recovery was to have surgery. It was a hard decision, after all, I promote health without drugs and surgery and here I was opting to have it performed.

However, two weeks later I am happy I went through with it, as my range of motion has already improved. The best news is that I am already adjusting again. The Orthopedist told me I would be out 6-8 weeks, and though I am not at 100% function, at least I can adjust and take care of people, which is what I love to do.

I will say I'm pretty shocked at how fast I have recovered and how good I feel. Today (Nov. 1st) I had my stitches removed and the scar is healing up. It's only been two weeks since the surgery, and I have to credit a few things for feeling so good. One is just going into the surgery fit and healthy, as I know that has helped. Second is being on Juice Plus, in particular, the "Vineyard" blend, which is loaded with anti-oxidants to help with the healing.( ) It is full of anti-oxidants, which is helping my body heal!

Lastly, I had a Reiki session performed after my surgery -- the same day and again the following day. I then had a third session over the weekend. For healing physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually, Reiki (pron. Ray-Key) is an ancient bio-energetic therapy that is complementary to all other forms of health care. Scientists have proven that Reiki heals muscle, bone & tissue faster, relieves stress, reduces or eliminates chronic & acute pain, reduces inflammation & bleeding during and after surgery, and clears the affects of anesthesia... that is what I needed!

The woman who did it is Marilyn Cramer, a gifted intuitive healer, and she worked on me those three times and I do feel it contributed to my recovery. If you want information on it, please call or email her at 770-924-7581 or .

For whatever reason, I do think Reiki helped me feel great within just days of my surgery. And that I am thankful for!

Dr. Pam Stone
Stone Family Chiropractic
Kennesaw, GA

After Surgery ~ How Reiki Helped Me

Marilyn, I just wanted to let you know that your Reiki session had helped me so much with the pain after I had major knee surgery. It cleared the pain and some negative emotions I had from work-related stress. After a session, the pain in my knee would most times not come back for an entire week, and I didn't need my pain medication.

Thank you!

April Kosbe
Owner, Halo Hair Studio
Woodstock, GA


Hey Marilyn!

After having asthma my whole life, your Reiki session cleared my lungs and I can breathe! Who needs testimonials, my lungs are doing fine, thanks to your wondrous hands and heart. My thanks and respect. I really did not doubt it, and I do believe in healing miracles. And thank you so much for your kind hospitality. Talk to you soon.

David Hansen, PhD
Professor, University of Texas
Houston, TX

Wrist Injury

Hi Marilyn,

Wanted to let you know how good I felt after the BioGenesis & Reiki session Friday. I am emotionally lighter, and have a real sense of well-being. I have lots of physical energy too. Noted the good energy level all weekend, including Monday. My wrist and hand seem better, too. Even though I'm wearing a supportive splint on my wrist, which you know I injured when falling off my horse, I can tell it's better and I have less pain. Thanks again. I appreciate you, your skills, and your loving heart!

Shawn Liburdi
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Occupational Therapist
Canton, GA

Classes & Workshops ~ Testimonials

My experience with Marilyn's Reiki 1 class is that it was wonderful, exciting and very insightful. The class met all of my expectations, and Marilyn is very knowledgeable and gifted. We had wonderful guided meditations to develop our intuitive abilities, and plenty of hands-on experience. I highly recommend this class!

Ivy Rassart
Cumming, GA


I always enjoy Marilyn's classes and workshops. They are awesome, and I especially enjoyed the meditations in the Reiki 1 class to open our third eye and to meet our Spirit Guides.

Jama McCartney
Acworth, GA


I felt closer to the Angels in the Angel Communication workshop. An Angel came to me and talked to me during our meditation. My chakras felt more open by the end of the workshop. Marilyn is an excellent teacher - needs no improvement as far as I am concerned. Marilyn is such a "full of wisdom" practitioner.

Cheryl Hoffman
Woodstock, GA


I took Marilyn's Angel Communication workshop, and her Reiki 1 & 2 classes. They were all very enlightening, and they broadened my metaphysical experiences. I would highly recommend Marilyn's classes!

Ken MacLean
Atlanta, GA


How would I describe Marilyn's classes? A complete healing on all levels!

Mary Kathryn Young
Woodstock, GA

Heart Surgery

May, 2007

Just a note to thank you again, and let you know that the Reiki treatments you performed on me prior to my open heart operation, and telepathically during the 12 hours of critical surgery made a tremendous and positive difference in my health going into the operation, and my survival and rapid recovery post surgery.

As you remember I was told by the Chief of Surgery at Emory, Dr. Robert Guyton, that if I did not immediately have the pericardium surgically removed that was critically infected, stuck to my heart and strangling it, that I would die.

The team said I came off support systems rapidly and required less heavy pain medicine than men with only open-heart by-pass surgery..., which they also did on me while I was opened up...than men much younger than me.

I attribute that to Marilyn's healing touch, Reiki and the total holistic change I did leading up to the operation (thanks to Marilyn). I tried for three months to heal myself spiritually, but in the end realized this was a time to go under the knife to be cured. I learned that sometimes spirituality can cure, and sometimes it requires a surgeon.

I am, however, totally convinced that the Reiki had spiritually, physically and mentally prepared me, and brought me safely through this highly risky and difficult surgery. Marilyn, you not only contributed to building my health before surgery, but you also did a remote healing session the day of my surgery, which also helped on the 12-hour operation.

It is 2 years since my operation so you may not remember this, but during a visit with my heart surgeon prior to the operation he told me the right side of my heart lining (the pericardium) was harder and in more critical condition than the left.

A day or so after that in a visit to you, you said during a treatment that you were feeling something from my heart and it was telling you the right side of my heart was in pain, more than the left.

Thing is, I never told you what was going on with my heart before that session.

I purposely withheld that from you, as I wanted to see if you would pick up anything on your own. Lo and behold, you did.

That made an everlasting impression on me.

Bless you for all that you do...

Steve Monahan
Founder, Total Wellness Living Magazine
Co-Founder, IDEAS, Inc.
Founder & CEO, Meals Fur & Paws for
Founder & CEO, Green Pets America
Canton, GA

Heavy Metals, Candida, Severe Health Issues

Hey Marilyn,

My appointment (that you suggested) with Dr. Bergeron was well worth it. I was there for three hours. Dr. Bergeron and I have a mutual friend from Louisiana...small world!

Well, you were right on target. With all of the health issues I was having (at 40 years old I had total hip replacements, chronic bladder infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog, pain in all joints, strange taste in my mouth, thyroid issues, enlarged liver, pancreas not functioning), you had a vision of the root cause. You saw that I was standing on a lawn as a teenager, and there were chemicals in the air that got on my skin and that I inhaled. You saw it was in the air, heavy like a fog. I then remembered that I was standing on the front lawn when I was 15, and the mosquito truck was driving by fogging the air with insecticide. My girlfriends and I ran through the fog. You also said that I had Candida and some sort of virus.

After you sent me to Dr. Bergeron and he tested me, he found that I have a strong sensitivity to pesticides. I have metal in my system (copper, cadmium, aluminum and mercury). Candida is still present. They said the metals are the reason why. Also, the mono virus... I had mono when I was a baby. I absolutely must stay away from gluten, wheat, eggs and dairy. Dr. B actually detected the mono virus in my wrist. He thinks that could be the culprit for my hips. I started my new supplements today and am looking forward to total wellness!!!!

Thank you so much for recommending them to me. I really "hit it off" with Dr. Perry, Dr. Bergeron, and his nurse!!!!

Thanks again!
Whitney Nolan
Jasper, GA
May, 2008

Cancer & Chemotherapy ~ My Reiki Experience

Before I saw Marilyn for Reiki, I had a large malignant tumor in my brain that was a very aggressive form of cancer. I had brain surgery on 08/07/06, which left me paralyzed on my left side. In June 2007 the tumor started growing back rapidly. This is when my friend, Shawn Liburdi, recommended I see Marilyn for a Reiki session.

After my first session, I felt clearer, and felt the healing energy running down my left arm and leg and through my whole body. On 07/19/07 I had a pre-op Reiki session the day before my second surgery, and the doctor was amazed that I was doing so well after surgery. I had minimal bleeding and inflammation after the surgery. I swear it was the Reiki I had before surgery that helped me to recover so quickly. They couldn't keep me quiet in the hospital, and the doctor sent me home after 3 days. I was in the hospital for 4 months after my first surgery - that was before I met Marilyn.

I had to go through heavy chemotherapy with snake venom to make sure the cancer didn't return. I couldn't see anyone during this time - not even my family. I was in my bedroom away from everyone.

As soon as I was able to be around people again (about 6 weeks), I set another appointment with Marilyn. I was really sick from the chemotherapy, snake venom and steroids. I had a lot of swelling in my face and abdomen from the steroids, and I could hardly even walk. After the Reiki session I felt a lot better and clearer, and I could walk easily. The splitting headache I had all day was gone shortly after the session started, and any nausea I had was gone too.

I always feel better after all my sessions, and Marilyn said Reiki helps clear the anesthesia out of my body faster and detoxes my body, too. Both my husband and Marilyn said my eyes and coloring looked better after the session as well.

I'm truly grateful!

Martha Harben
Canton, GA

Note: Unfortunately, Martha passed away one year later… she had multiple brain tumors and a very aggressive form of cancer. Reiki helped Martha’s symptoms and made her more comfortable after having chemotherapy, radiation and snake venom therapy.

My Experience With Pregnancy & Marilyn

I have spent several years having Angel work and Reiki in Colorado where it is more common to practice. So essentially I have worked with A LOT of people. I used these techniques to heal a very abusive relationship and to recognize my own ability to heal and feel vibrations around me. Once I moved to Georgia, however; I could not find the same support group that helped me so much in Denver, so I went at it alone.

When I met Marilyn Cramer I was BLOWN AWAY! I was pregnant and in a lot of pain under my rib cage. This pain went on for MONTHS. Marilyn not only completely removed this pain, but she spoke to my unborn child. A few of the things she described about my son is that he had dark hair and did not like dairy products (he wanted me to stop eating them). Well.... the most beautiful child in the world was born, and guess what. he had dark hair (which is now turning blond) AND he is lactose intolerant.... hmmmm. He is an amazing little boy and she has really connected with him. Marilyn told me he has a very special purpose in this life to move us toward world peace, and I am so excited to see what he does with his special gift.

My C-Section had many issues, and again I found myself on bed rest and in the kind of pain I could never describe. Marilyn came TO MY HOME and worked on me again.... the very next day, after over a week of suffering, that pain was GONE. I was up walking around THE VERY NEXT DAY. My husband (the forever pessimist) was FLOORED!

What is fascinating to me is I can actually feel Marilyn working on me. I can feel the energy in my throat and feel it move around my body as she is moving her hands. I cannot stress enough how impressive this is to me. Again I have worked with many, many people - but no one with this kind of love and compassion for her work. She is truly a one of a kind, an incredibly gifted person who I would highly recommend to ANYONE.

To have a person who has such a loving kindness about her and can talk to me on a higher level is so refreshing. Since moving to Georgia, I have truly been lonely for this kind of interaction. She is a blessing to us all and I hope you love her as much as I do. Please feel free to call me with any questions. 678-445-5994.

Valorie Duckworth
Owner, Val's Happy Shack
Woodstock, GA

Multiple Diseases: PNH, Vasculitis, Ulcerative Colitis

December 24, 2006
Dear Marilyn,

When we first met, I was suffering from three autoimmune diseases: 1) PNH (Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria) - (Bone Marrow Cancer; this disease is terminal for 85% of those who get it) 2) Vasculitis - Inflammation of blood and lymph vessels 3) Ulcerative Colitis - Bleeding sores in the colon

These diseases all caused internal bleeding. When I was in crisis, the color of my urine was black, I had bloody diarrhea, I was unable to eat or drink anything and blood transfusions were required to keep me alive.

The symptoms of my diseases were:

  • 1) Bleeding into my urine
  • 2) Bleeding in my colon
  • 3) Bleeding in my blood vessels
  • 4) Chronic fatigue syndrome and anemia
  • 5) Chronic Backache
  • 6) Chronic Head aches
  • 7) Inability to eat normally, was 20 pounds under weight and could not gain weight.
  • 8) Chronic diarrhea
  • 10) Incontinence
  • 11) Depression
  • 12) Memory loss
  • 13) Insomnia
  • 14) Fever
  • 15) Chronic abdominal pain

Over the years I consulted with about 15 medical doctors. They all told me that there was no known cause and no known cure for all of my problems. Autoimmune diseases were a mystery to them. The only remedy they had for me were drugs and therapies that treated my symptoms .. nothing to deal with the cause.

So I sought out alternative medicine. Over the years, I consulted with over 20 alternative practitioners with varying degrees of results.

To make a very long story short... I have eliminated all drug therapies, all of my symptoms are gone, I have gained a healthy 20 pounds of weight, and I believe that I am 90% recovered from all of my problems and ultimately expect a complete recovery. I believe that Reiki ... your healing touch, played a significant role in my recovery.

I have always been amazed that when you send me the healing life force energy to my colon, (without asking) your hands go directly to the exact spot where it hurts. You are a very talented medical intuitive. A really wonderful bonus that I also have received from you is through your amazing psychic ability to see and communicate with my angels. This has been a great source of satisfaction for me.

You taught me that Reiki is an ancient Japanese word for Universal Life Force and a system of natural healing that channels energy through the hands. Reiki views injury, dysfunction and disease as manifesting when subtle energies are weak, distorted or out of balance. Reiki accesses the source of life to heal the self on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. So Reiki treats the root cause of illness and enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself. It maintains equilibrium of both mind and body to promote complete relaxation thereby raising the life force energy.

Being a pragmatist, of particular interest to me is that scientists around the world are discovering that Reiki, and other forms of energy healing or therapeutic touch succeed, and they are all based on theories of Quantum Physics.

And as you have told me, it's not you doing the healing .. You are enabling my God given ability to heal myself.


Warm regards,
Tom Cramer
Founder & CEO, The Brain Trust, Inc.
Founder & CEO, Wisie, Inc.
Woodstock, GA

Extreme Anxiety With Vomiting - Part 1


When my 10-year-old daughter, Kirstie, came to you, she was plagued by extreme anxiety. It had progressed to the point where she couldn't do the things she loved (go to the hair or nail salon, spend the night with friends or go shopping).

Unfortunately, summer ended too soon and school began. At that time, Kirstie had been seeing a regular family practice doctor who had put her on Prozac. We were also told to find a psychiatrist for her so that she could have different types of drugs prescribed to her.

The first day of school she was overcome with anxiety, yet was able to stay in school the whole day. As soon as she got home, she crashed and slept 3 hours. When she woke up, she began vomiting over and over until 9pm that night at which time she crashed again and slept until the next morning. (This was how her body responded to stress almost daily).

The next day she reluctantly got on the school bus and by 8am, she was throwing up in school. The nurse called for me to come pick her up. Once again, I took her to the doctor. They doubled her Prozac and sent her home. That same day a friend told me about you, Marilyn. Immediately I called you and set up an appointment for the following Friday.

You are so beautiful, sweet and kind. Kirstie immediately felt comfortable with you and was able to go into the Reiki session without me. An hour later, you brought me a changed child! Kirstie was 100% different than when I brought her to you.

The following Monday, Kirstie went to school without hesitation. She was happy and talkative and had normal color in her face. It is now one week after her session and she has gone the entire week with no anxiety problems AT ALL!

We are SO grateful to you and your special talent.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Rachelle Klein
Woodstock, GA
August, 2010

Extreme Anxiety & Delayed Learning - Part 2

Marilyn, I wanted to give you an update on Kirstie's condition.

It has been 7 months since she saw you for her anxiety. Amazingly, she has absolutely no more problems with anxiety. Occasionally, she'll hesitate to do something that once would trigger an attack, but after the hesitation, she realizes that the anxiety has no hold over her. Each day brings more healing.

At a later time I brought her to you again for help with her delayed learning (possibly ADD). You were able to confirm that she did not have ADD and that she was simply not interested in school. When questioned, she confirmed this. Since that time, she's been making a much bigger effort to do well in school. Believe me, it still doesn't come easy, but by putting forth the effort she is catching up.

So what does this all mean? It means that I have my daughter back. It means that she can do normal everyday things without being flooded with fear. It means much less stress and screaming in our house. It means she's learning and making an effort to improve. It means that Kirstie is no longer on Prozac or any other drug.

I hate to think where we'd be now if we hadn't found you.

Thank you from all of us!

Rachelle Klein & Family
Woodstock, GA

Communicating With My Unborn Son


Thank you for checking in!! I have not felt this good in a long, long time! Yes, the Reiki session did help with the pain in my ribcage and back from my pregnancy. I still have some pressure, but nothing like it was before, and it only lasted a few minutes. I slept like I have not slept in years last night. Whatever you did, my body loved it. Thank you so much. You are such a beautiful person and I loved meeting you. Most importantly I am so relieved to know someone like you is close by sending out so much love into our world THANK YOU!

The gift you gave me by connecting & doing telepathy with my son (soon to be born) I will be forever grateful for. I really needed that because I had kind of separated myself from him (little Carson) and that was the wakeup call I desperately needed. I have done a full circle on what I need to do now and I am SO EXCITED to bring him here for other reasons than just getting him off my liver... ha ha ha.

I certainly hope to work with you much more in the future, and would really like to take the Reiki classes you offer if you can fit me in.

Thank you again and PLEASE if there is ever anything I can do to help you or support one of your causes, I hope you will think to call me. Please stay in touch and I will see you very soon.

Valorie Duckworth
Owner, Val's Happy Shack
Woodstock, GA 2008

Leaving "The Twins" Behind: Worry & Fear

Meeting Marilyn Cramer was a life changing experience for me. She has helped me more physically, emotionally, and spiritually than any physician or self-help book ever did.

Off and on, throughout my life, I have had a couple of enemies that would show up from time to time to wreck havoc on my soul. They interrupted sleep, caused all kinds of illnesses, and sometimes took the joy out of life. I called them The Twins, Fear and Worry, and because they were faceless enemies, I found them hard to combat. I never knew when they would show up, but when they did come to visit, they brought with them those dreadful "what ifs". What if I fail? What if I don't have enough? What if someone leaves me? What if someone gets sick?

Throughout life The Twins kept showing up. I became so used to their visits that I finally let them stay. Why not? They weren't going anywhere, so I might as well learn to live with them. So I made them proper nouns, and The Twins sat center stage during many of my life events, always predicting the very worse case scenario. If I wasn't careful they would also show up during happy times, whispering in my ear, "You know this won't last."

A mutual friend told me about Marilyn. I thought about it for about a year before I finally went to see her. I was somewhat apprehensive the first time I went to Marilyn for Reiki. I wasn't sure what to expect, and it sure didn't help that Worry and Fear were in the back seat of my car getting there digs in.

I wished I hadn't waited so long to see Marilyn. After my Reiki session, I had a feeling that is difficult to explain unless you experience it for yourself. I liken it to those euphoric dreams of flying. I felt lighter and full of peace. Needless to say, I went home that afternoon without the Twins.

Marilyn has a divine, loving gift that can't be denied. She helped me turn fear into faith, and I will be forever grateful for her healing hands. Living in this world, we are constantly bombarded with negativity. As humans we can not always maintain a healthy balance without some kind of support system. I continue to see Marilyn when those old enemies try to creep back in.

Becky Stegmann
Kennesaw, GA

Frequent Migraines

I had been plagued with migraines since I was a child. Anyone that knows me knows how much they have had an impact on my life. For the last year, I was having two or three migraines a week.

I began seeing Marilyn to help me release energy in my body that was no longer serving me. She suggested that I take her Reiki class because it could really help me with my healing process, and would enable me to do self-healing. After becoming Reiki 1 certified by Marilyn, the frequency of my migraines has dropped significantly, and I am longer reliant on my medication for some relief. I’m able to heal myself (with help of course) or at the very least give myself some relief. I have also shared this gift of healing with others in pain and have been able to help them.

I am very grateful for the gift of Reiki that Marilyn shared with me. It has significantly improved the quality of my life.

Yvette Matzek
Cumming, GA
May 2010

Sensory Integrative Dysfunction & Nicolas

I saw an article in Sixes Living Magazine about Marilyn. I was a bit familiar with Reiki, and knew as soon as I read the article that I needed to see her. I was not well, and doctors reported that I was fine. She had released a lot of old baggage that I had been carrying around for a long time and I have felt great ever since my session. When I feel like I am getting bogged down or tired I make an appointment!

But the greatest story belongs to Nicolas. After my session we discussed my son, Nicolas, who had been diagnosed with Sensory Integrative Dysfunction. This was a brain dysfunction he was born with. Insurance would not cover the occupational therapy that he needed, and the school could only offer certain things based on his test scores, so I wondered if Marilyn could help. She agreed to work with him.

Nicolas had an extremely difficult time in 1st grade. We were new to the school system and everything was quite different from our old school. He was unable to read at a 1st grade level and his penmanship was atrocious. We ended 1st grade with a great deal of frustration, and the school developed an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for the new school year. He visited Marilyn over the summer and I worked very little with him. Homework in 1 st grade consisted of him getting angry and frustrated, I ended up in tears, so I really didn't push him if there were any signs of anger or frustration.

School was open and Nicolas is in 2nd grade. He struggled a little bit the 1st week or so, then all of a sudden he was reading!!! I couldn't believe it, trying to sound out his words and enjoying it! I was truly amazed, and he was just so excited that he was really reading!!! Then came the spelling and the tests, much to his amazement he was doing so well getting 80's & 100's. He works with a different teacher and a smaller group for his spelling. He cannot keep up with the students in his class -- instead of 15 spelling words he has 10, and a few things are modified for him, but the progress he has made from May, the end of 1st grade to September -- 2 months into 2nd grade -- is just amazing!!

In October, I received his progress report and he has improved and is progressing in all areas. Just today he came home and told me that he read five books and took his tests on them and he got 5 out of 5 questions right!! And his resource teacher told him his penmanship is getting better.

He continues to see Marilyn, and if I have a particular concern she addresses those issues. I can't even imagine what Nicolas's life would be like without Marilyn!

By Dawn Schultz
Woodstock, GA

Low Back Pain, Migraine & Medical Intuitive Reading

When I came to see Marilyn per Dr. Litrel's recommendation, I had chronic low back pain and fatigue since my surgery. For the last year, I had pelvic pain. I had cysts removed on my left ovary in May 2007, and had pelvic pain ever since. During my first Reiki session with Marilyn, my pain went from a 4 to a 1 (on a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the worst pain). The week after my session, I only had pain after standing for long periods of time.

During my 1st Reiki session, Marilyn asked me if I had my right ovary removed, since she didn't sense it was there. The interesting thing is that I was born without a right ovary, and I never told her! She could tell it wasn't there!

Marilyn also told me an angel was telling her, "Tell her not to worry about her daughter. She'll be fine". She said the angel was pointing to her navel. I told her my daughter's navel didn't heal after the umbilical cord fell off, and the Dr. wanted to perform surgery. I declined the surgery to see if it would heal on its own. I felt relieved about my decision after hearing this.

I felt a lot better after the session. I was more relaxed, and had more energy, and most of my pain was gone. After my 2nd session, my pain subsided completely and didn't come back. I even had a migraine headache when I saw Marilyn for the 2nd session. It was gone in 15 minutes, and didn't come back for the rest of the day!

Jessica Hipps
Acworth, GA

My Sprained Ankle

Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted you to know my ankle is doing great! As you know, I came to you after I fell down a flight of stairs and sprained my ankle. My family physician feared I had torn a ligament, and gave me one week to improve before she was going to send me to a specialist. After a week, I was not improving at all (and if anything was getting worse).

Before I went back to her, I went to see you. You're magic hands and eyes took a look at my ankle (and knee which was also in pain). You said you didn't see anything really torn, but there was injured tissue, which you worked on. Within 2 hours of your work, I removed the air case because it was bugging me, and walked with a small brace having no pain and no limp. Within 4 days I was walking without a brace! Exactly one week later I have no pain in either my knee or my ankle, and you would never know that 2 weeks ago that I fell down a flight of stairs!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Lyn Carden
Canton, GA

Healing Past Childhood Traumas

Hi Marilyn,

My session on Sat. was really intense and very helpful. I am so amazed at how Reiki just allows you to release negative energy without too much trauma. I had some more emotional release of fear last night.

Thanks for all your healing support and concern. You truly have a gift for helping others, and I am really grateful to you.

See you Tuesday,
Melissa Coffey

Testimonial from a Fellow Healing Practitioner

Marilyn is one of the most heart-centered and intuitive healers I know.

Debbie Unterman, AH, C.Ht.
Alchemical Hypnotherapy Association of Atlanta (AHAA)
Atlanta, GA

Breast Cancer/Tumor Gone

In 2017 I had a few Reiki healing sessions with Marilyn to try to heal a malignant lump in my breast. I remember she said after the last session that she didn't see the tumor or feel it's energy anymore. Marilyn said she would be curious of the results when I had a follow-up mammogram.

Today, I had a mammogram and there was no evidence of any lump in my breast! Thanks again, dear one.

Tracey Peterson
Santa Barbara, CA

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