Schedule Of Workshops & Planetary Healing Circle

Workshops are scheduled according to interest. If you are interested in any of the listed workshops, please send an email to and tell me what workshops you are interested in, and dates that will be good for you. The workshops are generally 2 hours.

***I am not giving any workshops as of March, 2016, until further notice.***

The fee for all workshops is $45.  Please request information at

~ The Healing Circle for planetary peace, harmony & compassion will be held right after some of the workshops (approx. 15 minutes). 

You’re welcome to stay and experience the Oneness ~


  • Dance & Drumming For Healing ~

    Rhythmic free-style dance is very nourishing for the soul, and drumming has been proven to have healing affects on a person physically, mentally & emotionally.  We will explore how drumming has been an important part of cultures around the world.  Let your hair down, and be your creative self!  Bring your own drum or anything that you can bang on and produce a nice sound. The large, 4-8 gallon water bottles make great drums, too (like Crystal water bottles for the coolers).

  • Mental Coaching – Circle Of Excellence ~

    Mental Coaching enhances performance for athletes, business people, speakers, dancers and performers. Be your own mental coach, and learn the Circle of Excellence protocol you can do before a public speech, performance, or just to become the best you can be and excel in your field of work or to have higher self-esteem. Remove your anxiety and fears of public speaking.

  • Guided Meditations For Healing ~