Testimonial, Mike Litrel, MD
Chief of Surgery, Assoc. Prof. at Emory University
Testimonial, Steve Monahan
Exec. Dir. & Founder of GPA & GPE
A Growing History of Observable Results

The first time I visited a post-surgical patient who had seen Marilyn, I was very much surprised. Only hours after surgery, I found the patient sitting up in bed cheerfully eating Jell-O. I had removed cancer from her body through a foot long incision. “I’m only having a little pain,” she related. More typical patients would hardly have been able to move. Instead of spending four or five days in the hospital after her surgery, she was able to return home after only two days of recovery. With another patient, Marilyn called me before the operation and told me she had spotted something wrong with the patient’s gallbladder, and it appeared enlarged. I was polite on the phone, but inwardly I rolled my eyes. Sheepishly, I later called Marilyn to admit that she had been right: my patient’s gall bladder was indeed enlarged to four or five times its normal size. Gradually I began to understand that Marilyn was an invaluable help in my practice of medicine. So in my personal journey toward becoming a more effective and talented healer, I am grateful to God for bringing Marilyn Cramer into my life as my teacher and friend. I look forward to continue working with her to help others in need."

- Dr. Mike Litrel is former Chief of Surgery at Northside Cherokee Hospital,
and Associate Professor at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Modalities for Healing and Wellness

Medical Intuitive Readings

Marilyn can 'see' inside the human body, and she receives information from your body, cells and your organs. Marilyn specializes in finding the root cause of illnesses, diseases & childhood traumas (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional/verbal abuse and other forms of trauma and post-traumatic syndrome - sometimes blocked from the conscious mind).

There have been numerous times when Marilyn would see an enlarged or diseased organ, tumors, ulcers, clogged arteries, bacteria or viruses in the cells, parasites, fungus, etc., and she would strongly advise her clients to see a doctor (MD or ND) or specialist. With the proper diagnostic testing, the doctor would discover the same thing and give my client the correct protocol to heal - and Marilyn's client didn't know he or she had this illness/disease. Many times, doctors only do certain diagnostic tests and the test results from the lab are negative. With Marilyn's help, her client(s) will see a specialist and have the correct tests done to find the disease.

Marilyn works closely with the Chief of Surgery at Northside Hospital Cherokee, and with surgeons, Naturopaths (ND's), MD's and Chiropractors. Not only is she a Medical Intuitive, but Marilyn is also a natural Telepath & Clairvoyant.


What is Reiki?

Reiki (pron. Ray-Kee) is an ancient healing and harmonizing energy, which is recognized among health practitioners as a safe and highly effective complementary therapy to other forms of health care. Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years, and is used in hospitals and clinics, as well as taught in Universities.

Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered this healing energy in the late 1800's in Japan, and he named it Reiki. Reiki is a word that is Japanese Kanji (multiple meanings), and translated it means, "Universal Life Force". Dr. Usui was a Japanese Minister & Christian educator, and he studied ancient Buddhist Sanskrit scriptures as well as the healing methods of great spiritual teachers for several years; hence, his discovery of this ancient healing practice.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is energy healing for body, mind and spirit connectedness. Our physical body comprises various levels of vibratory rates of energy, and contains numerous energy centers known as chakras. The seven major chakras are high frequency energy centers situated in close proximity to the cerebrospinal system. Reiki opens the flow of vital energy through this and the meridian system, enhancing health & well-being.

Reiki is based on Quantum physics, and has been scientifically proven to heal muscle, bone & tissue faster. The pulsating bio-magnetic field that is emitted from the hands of the practitioner is the same frequencies or Hz levels (2Hz – 15 Hz) that stimulate healing in the body. Before surgery, Reiki helps a person to feel more relaxed (less anxious) about their surgery, and prepares the body to be in the healthiest state possible. During surgery, Reiki helps reduce inflammation and bleeding, and helps the body to adjust to the usually dramatic changes the body was not anticipating. After surgery, Reiki helps speed the process of healing of muscle, bone & tissue, reduces swelling and inflammation, reduces pain, and helps the patient to release the emotional issues that crop up after surgery.

Reiki heals on all levels, and will help with any mental or emotional issues, physical pain, traumas, childhood trauma, surgery, diseases or illnesses. It also reduces the symptoms caused by radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - For Rapid Healing

If you suffer from any kind of physical pain, trauma, anxiety, guilt, stress, panic attacks, addictions, phobias and fears, claustrophobia, depression, sleeplessness, obsessions, guilt, shame or embarrassment, jet lag, anger and/or rage, then Thought Field Therapy (TFT) can help you. The results are dramatic and fast!

TFT is revolutionary in the way psychological disturbances are managed. There are no risks or side effects. Thousands upon thousands of people around the world have already used TFT to recover from broken relationships, conquer their fears, eliminate pain, and heal their grief. TFT is a system that accesses the root cause of your problem to resolve it. Negative emotions are condensed information in energy form, bound in what Dr. Roger Callahan calls the Thought Field.

Dr. Roger Callahan is the founder and top authority on TFT. This process influences the body's energy field while tapping with your fingers on specific points on the body located along energy meridians. These tapping sequences or algorithms eliminate imbalances in the body's energy system. It weakens and eradicates negative emotions and the symptoms of psychological distress.

Some of you may have heard of EFT (Emotional Field Therapy), which is an offshoot of TFT that was created by one of Dr. Callahan's students. TFT is much more complex, using different algorithms for different issues while thinking about the issue that disturbs you (to percolate it in your Thought Field). TFT heals at a very deep level permanently.

There is a new technology that can monitor the body's autonomic nervous system, and we can now scientifically measure and quantify the systemic changes that TFT produces. TFT heals at the deepest level and it happens almost instantaneously.

Sometimes I use TFT in conjunction with Reiki or other healing methods. It works miraculously and in most cases, one session removes the psychological disturbance for good.

Somatic Healing

Somatic Healing is a new dimension in hypnosis therapies for the treatment of injury, pain and disease. Using the body's wisdom, these techniques have produced miracles of healing, sometimes in a single session. Developed by David Quigley and Nick Ardagh, Somatic Healing is always used as an adjunct to, never a substitute for, proper medical treatment.

Somatic Healing consists of four powerful processes: The Golden Sun Process, Hypnotic Movement, Color Healing and Psychic Surgery performed by the client's Inner Healer.

The Golden Sun Process - An energy channeling technique which helps to concentrate and channel the energy of the Universe into places of pain and illness in your body.

Hypnotic Movement – A technique in which the muscles of the body are instructed to move themselves without conscious direction or control in order to release old traumas, restore flexibility, eliminate pain and promote healing. Hypnotic movement is based on the ancient principles that your body already knows how to heal itself.

Color Healing – A technique which uses a unique color (the body knows what color this is) to identify the pain or illness, and then identifying an exit point in the body for that illness or pain to drain out. We then fill that area with a healing color (again, the subconscious mind/body chooses the color) for cleansing and rebuilding.

Psychic Surgery – The client discovers (not creates) their Inner Healer, and psychically removes or performs “surgery” on the area of the body that is ill. The phenomenal power of psychic surgery truly heals.

Marilyn can combine Somatic Healing with Reiki. If you are interested in a Somatic Healing session by itself, she is happy to do that as well.

Hypnotherapy Techniques Combined With Reiki

Alchemy is transforming the lead of emotional debris into the gold of self-realization.

About a Reiki Session combined with Hypnotherapy Techniques:

  • It honors the body/mind/spirit connection.
  • It is an interactive Inner Journey in a relaxed alert state where you can connect with deep feelings, memories, and guidance through the subconscious and superconscious (higher self) mind.
  • It creates a very intimate bond between you and the Magical Child you once were.
  • It honors and allows you to discover that the answers you seek can be found within.
  • It clears emotional blocks from your childhood or past lives and frees up creative energy.
  • Each session, even the first one, is complete in itself to help clear an issue in your life, although the greatest benefit can be derived from a series of sessions.
  • Alchemy is a spiritual discipline that works with your conscious cooperation. It is your responsibility to utilize the new strategies in your life that you discover during your sessions. It then becomes a way of living that creates rapid and lasting, profound changes.
  • BioGenesis

    Modern Tools, Eternal Technology ™

    BioGenesis is an ancient technology, and has been re-introduced in 1999. BioGenesis is to make life better.

    BioGenesis restores harmony to the body, the emotions and mind, as well as to one's home, workplace & life.

    It can help with your healing in all areas:

    • Restores harmony
    • Removes negativity
    • Focuses & directs Light of Genesis to heal physical trauma, organs, degenerative conditions/diseases, etc.
    • Redirects currents of energy
    • Removes obstacles
    • Prosperity
    • Alleviates stress & anxiety
    • Translates desires
    • Removes addictions
    • Provides protection from negativity & disease
    • Removes toxins
    • Helps heal burns
    • Enlivens connection for Divine Guidance
    • Brings about more energy
    • Greater happiness
    • Greater success
    • Removes infection
    • Strengthens, regenerates
    Mental Coaching

    Mental Coaching is used to help athletes, dancers and business people to recapture peak performance feelings. It's been said that mental coaching can do for the mind what stretching and massage does for the body. It prepares you for the big event, so you can perform at your optimum level.

    For the business person who speaks in front of large groups (seminars, lectures and other speaking engagements), this can be a valuable tool. The Circle of Excellence is a wonderful self mental training tool to capture your peak performing skills and to have complete confidence.

    Combining Mental Coaching with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for Fear is very powerful!

    Guided Meditations for Healing
    Marilyn can create Guided Meditations for you to help you with anything that you wish to change in your life. You can reach your Inner Healer through the subconscious mind. For healing yourself, you want to visualize and feel your body healing. See and feel your body mending, restructuring and repairing itself. Imagine the inflammation going down if you have any swelling. Visualize emerald green light filling your cells, creating renewal and healing. Visualize the healing, soft pink color of Love filling your cells and your DNA. Visualize any other colors you feel your body needs for its healing. Your Inner Healer knows best, and when you're in a deep meditative state, you will tap into these sources of wisdom.


    Marilyn works closely with doctors who refer their patients to her. With her Medical Intuitive abilities, she can usually find the root cause of a disease, illness or emotional issue. A Medical Intuitive session combined with Reiki is a powerful way to find and heal a disease or traumatic issue at the root.


    Having a TFT session combined with your Reiki session will heal the emotional components of a disease, disorder or emotional trauma. It's a very powerful combination for your complete healing.