Somatic Healing is a new dimension in hypnosis therapies for the treatment of injury, pain and disease. Using the body’s wisdom, these techniques have produced miracles of healing, sometimes in a single session. Developed by David Quigley and Nick Ardagh, Somatic Healing is always used as an adjunct to, never a substitute for, proper medical treatment.

Somatic Healing consists of four powerful processes: The Golden Sun Process, Hypnotic Movement, Color Healing and Psychic Surgery performed by the client’s Inner Healer.

The Golden Sun Process – An energy channeling technique which helps to concentrate and channel the energy of the Universe into places of pain and illness in your body.

Hypnotic Movement – A technique in which the muscles of the body are instructed to move themselves without conscious direction or control in order to release old traumas, restore flexibility, eliminate pain and promote healing. Hypnotic movement is based on the ancient principles that your body already knows how to heal itself.

Color Healing – A technique which uses a unique color (the body knows what color this is) to identify the pain or illness, and then identifying an exit point in the body for that illness or pain to drain out. We then fill that area with a healing color (again, the subconscious mind/body chooses the color) for cleansing and rebuilding.

Psychic Surgery – The client discovers (not creates) their Inner Healer, and psychically removes or performs “surgery” on the area of the body that is ill. The phenomenal power of psychic surgery truly heals.

I can combine Somatic Healing with Reiki. If you are interested in a Somatic Healing session by itself, I’m happy to do that as well.