©Make the Shift Toward Healing – Part 2
June 30, 2014
©Make the Shift Toward Healing – Part 2
June 30, 2014

Meteora Monastery, Greece

Healing occurs on many levels, and it is important to understand how the mind/body connection works in healing. There are three distinct parts of our consciousness:

The Super-Conscious Mind (Higher Self) ~

This is the most intelligent part of ourselves, and is very aware of everything that goes on with the Conscious and Sub-Conscious mind. Its purpose is to assist the other parts of us to grow as human beings through experience. I feel this is a direct connection to, and part of our Soul.

This part of us unites masculine and feminine into one great power. Our Super-Conscious has a complete and perfect balance of both qualities. It is the part of us that is completely loving and non-judgmental. It knows all and sees all. Pure Infinite Love flows from this part of us.

Love is a spiritual force and is the source of our existence. I have experienced God about 14 years ago, and it is beyond words… the Love and Bliss that flows from this Great Omnipresence Divine (GOD) is nothing like we experience on Earth.

One way to access our Super-Conscious Mind is through our Sub-Conscious Mind. The High Self has Meta needs, which means going beyond our Earthly needs. This includes the need for Truth, Justice, Wisdom, Love, Being and Humor. This is the part of us that has total acceptance and unconditional love.  All High Selves work with the motto, “harm to none, and service to many”.

The Super-Conscious Mind has access to the Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Intelligence. This access is what makes it possible to tap into infinite knowledge and intuitive insights.

The Conscious Mind (Middle Self) ~

This is the part of us that is learning and growing, and experiencing earthly emotions, trials and tribulations for higher growth. The Conscious Mind does not go with us when we leave this body permanently – only the Super-Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind remain with the Soul. That is why we don’t remember our past lives unless we tap into our higher or sub conscious parts of ourselves.

Connecting with these parts of ourselves can help us understand why we have certain behaviors, thoughts or feelings, and this knowledge can help us with our healing.

The Sub-Conscious Mind (Inner Self) ~

This is where all memories are stored from our entire journey of the lives we’ve experienced. We can be affected by our past lives, and by experiences in this life. Hypnotherapy and Reiki can help us tap into this part of ourselves for healing past traumas that are holding us back physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

On a physical level, disease can occur because of childhood trauma. For example, I had numerous female clients over the years that developed cancer of the reproductive organs because of sexual abuse when they were a child. These things can heal, and a person’s health will change due to healing the emotions and trauma.

Here is a Guided Meditation to help heal past trauma, genes & DNA ~

Violet Forest


©Meditation for Changing DNA & Cell Memory
By Marilyn Cramer, RMT, Cl.Ht


Take a few deep breaths… let your body adjust to get completely comfortable. Inhale… feel white light filling & cleansing your body… and exhale. As you exhale, feel your body melting, and becoming more relaxed. Inhale (breathe)… and exhale (breathe). As you hear the sounds around you, you feel yourself slipping into deeper relaxation. Inhale (breathe)… and exhale (breathe)… Release and relax… Good.

Now, relax all the muscles in your scalp, forehead and eyes. Feel your muscles letting go. All the tension flows out of your face… softening… soothing. Relax your cheeks, your jaw… relax your neck… feel your muscles oozing into the softness surrounding you… Good…

You are going deeper & deeper into relaxation… Relax your arms… feel them completely surrendering… relaxing every muscle… Now, relax your chest, your abdominal muscles… relax your organs… feel them sinking in their soft place to rest. (Pause) Healing white light fills your organs, smoothing away any anxiety. Feel the muscles and bones in your back melting into the soft area you’re resting in… Healing white liquid light is smoothing & lubricating all of your joints and bones, and smoothing away any anxiety… Down, down, deeper into a state of complete relaxation. (Pause)

Now, relax your legs… feeling the muscles nestling in a soft place… melting away all tension. The healing white light fills every area of your body that needs healing… smoothing away any pains and anxiety. Feel your ankles relax… as you go deeper into a relaxed state. Feel your feet and toes… totally relaxed… as you are now in a state of deep relaxation. (Long Pause)

Connecting with your Sub-Conscious Mind:

Now, you are going down a mountain path, deep into the forest. The path becomes steeper as you are walking down the dirt path. It has been well traveled. Perhaps there is a mountain stream nearby, and you can see and hear the cool water rushing over rocks.

You continue going down, down, down the path… moving closer to your destination… the door to your sub-conscious mind. Perhaps you notice how clean the air is… how windy or calm the air is… perhaps you hear birds in the trees, and see animals on your journey to your sub-conscious mind.

Now, the path leads you to a room that’s underground. There is a door. Notice the appearance of this door. It’s the doorway to your subconscious. Your subconscious contains all knowledge regarding your past…

Open the door. Notice the appearance of the room. This will give you a clue to your accumulated thoughts, feelings and health over time. (Pause).


Perhaps you can see any past issues or childhood traumas that have influenced you and need healing… (Pause) There may be an area in the room that has a movie screen into space… if you gaze at it and ask a question, you can see a scene from your past that needs healing on this screen. (Pause)

Imagine that any of your thoughts and emotions that need healing are doing so right now… Change your thought patterns about the trauma – go back and change the incidents in your mind – free yourself of the bondage. (Pause) Just let it go… Have forgiveness in your heart for yourself and anyone who has hurt you. Truly forgive that person or those people with all your heart… they are only human too. Forgiveness is healing your body, your mind, and your spirit right now…

Release whatever needs healing, and let it heal now… Perhaps there are colors, textures, sounds, or feelings that will help you to heal… (Pause).

Let Light into your Being… and all the things that are up for your healing can flow out of you now… Perhaps the things that need healing hold a certain sound, vibration or color… This negative energy that you no longer need flows out of you at an exit point in your body… an exit point that your body lets you know of… (Pause). Perhaps it’s a finger or a toe, or somewhere else that your body knows exactly the best exit point for this negative energy to leave you… Let all the negative energy that no longer serves you exit now… (Pause).

Now, let healing Light and sound fill the empty spaces where the negative energy once resided that you just released… Fill the area(s) with love and healing Light…. Perhaps there is a certain color of love… and a color of this healing Light… Fully replenish these spaces with healthy, vibrant sounds of love and healing color… (Long Pause).

Now, fill all the cells in your entire body with love. Tell every cell in your body that you love and appreciate them. Thank your cells for being healthy and vibrant, and for functioning at their highest level. Tell your DNA it is beautiful and perfect. (Long Pause).


Now, perhaps you notice you feel lighter and healthier… more vibrant… Know that you are healed. (Pause). Know that everything you ever did or felt is changing on a deep, cellular level. All the cells in your body are realigning themselves with health and joy… your cellular memory has shifted, and all your cells are vibrating with love, joy, and pure health… Feel how empowering this is for you… you are living in pure health right now… (Pause)

The cells in your body have a new memory – a memory of love and health and abundance… it affects you fully and deeply… (Long Pause)


Now, every time you feel ill physically, mentally or emotionally, you always can clear and release the negative energy easily.

Whenever you realize a block in your path, you remember how easy it is to know what the block is and heal it…

And whenever you feel that you are having trouble with your health or your life, you always remember that your self-healing is a breath away… and here for you now…

Whenever you feel you aren’t getting the answers that you seek, you remember how easy it is to meditate – to open and elevate your consciousness and tap into your subconscious mind… being able to heal completely and easily.

The 3 R’s: As I count to 3…
• 1 – You will be able to return to this state easily, whenever it is appropriate. Take a few deep breaths…
• 2 – You will find it easy to remember everything you need to remember. Stretch and move around, and become aware of your surroundings…
• 3 – You will awake feeling alert and refreshed. Open your eyes… feeling fully refreshed and whole.

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