Meditation: Connect with Your Higher Self & Heal Your DNA
May 3, 2013
The Healing Power of Simplicity
May 3, 2013

In the past, I’ve written a  couple of articles about our DNA and our ability to heal ourselves.  Believe you can heal, and you will.  This is important information, and I feel the more you hear it, read it, and feel it in your body, the more you’ll be able to believe in your own innate abilities.  You can heal, and there’s scientific proof that your thoughts give you the power and the control you need to succeed.

Healing is an integrated process of your nutritional regimen, how much you exercise, what you do for yourself to relieve stress, and your thoughts. Scientists have been making new discoveries about our genes and our DNA, and have created a new science called epigenetics.  Whatever choices you make will affect your body, your mind and your emotions.  It carries into your spiritual physique as well.

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity that are passed down to at least one generation.  The prefix ‘epi’ means ‘above’, and your epigenetic “marks” tell your genes to switch on or off, or to speak loudly or whisper.  Dr. Joseph Mercola of the U.S. says that it is through epigenetic “marks” that environmental factors like diet, stress and prenatal nutrition can make an imprint on genes, and be passed from one generation to the next.

According to The Quarterly Review of Biology, epigenetics is probably the most important discovery since DNA.  A completely new world of possibilities is open to us.  There are things we can do to change our genetics, and our health. This works both ways though, and we must be aware that either we can improve our genetics, or we can damage it.  In fact, you are changing your genetics daily with the foods you eat, the amount of exercise you get, and by the thoughts you think.

DNA can be molded by your will – and like I said before numerous times, your thoughts are powerful!  Whatever you think about becomes your reality, so visualize your body healing daily, and it will with time.

Your genes are controlled by epigenetic coding that tells them to be expressed or not to be expressed.  This is controlled by your lifestyle, your thoughts, and your environment.  Your genes are malleable, and this explains why, for example, identical twins become distinct as they age.  One may develop cancer, and the other one does not.  One twin may age differently than the other.  How you respond to everything in your life affects you on quantum levels.

The good news:  your mind controls your epigenome; therefore, your mind controls your healing.  The science of epigenetics explains spontaneous healing.  Remember, epigenetics translated = “above the genes”.  Our mind is above our genes!

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a leading cellular biologist, and he’s written a number of books including Biology of Belief, The Wisdom of Your Cells and Spontaneous Evolution.  He has experimented with cells, and they change their form according to our thoughts.  Gregg Braden mentions in his book, Spontaneous Healing of Belief, that everything we experience as “life” is directly linked to what we believe.  He states that belief is the “program” that creates patterns in reality.  What we believe to be true in life is very powerful in shaping our lives.

What you think about and believe to be true becomes your reality… and it’s really important to guard your thoughts, take care of your body and believe you can heal.  The human body is a healing machine.  We can heal from anything when we give our minds and bodies all the right elements.

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