Your Pure Potential: How To Unleash Your Power
May 3, 2013
Heal Yourself Through the Power of Your Thoughts
May 3, 2013
Your Pure Potential: How To Unleash Your Power
May 3, 2013
Heal Yourself Through the Power of Your Thoughts
May 3, 2013


Take a few deep breaths…  let your body adjust to get completely comfortable.  Inhale… feel  white light filling & cleansing your body… and exhale.  As you exhale, feel your body melting into a soft place, and becoming more relaxed.  Inhale (breathe)… and exhale (breathe).  As you hear any sounds around you, you feel yourself slipping into deeper relaxation…  Inhale (breathe)… and exhale (breathe)… Release and relax… Good.


As I count down from 5 to 1, you will be fully and deeply in a relaxed trance state on count 1:


5 – Now, relax all the muscles in your scalp, forehead and eyes.  Feel your muscles letting go.  All the tension flows out of your face… softening… soothing.  Relax your cheeks, your jaw… relax your neck… feel your muscles oozing into the softness of the pillows surrounding you… Good…


4 – You are going deeper & deeper into relaxation…  Relax your arms… feel them completely surrendering… relaxing every muscle…  Now, relax your chest, your abdominal muscles… relax your organs… feel them sinking in their soft place to rest.  (Pause)


3 – Healing white light fills your organs, smoothing away any anxiety.  Feel the muscles and bones in your back melting into the soft area you’re resting in…  Healing white liquid light is smoothing & lubricating all of your joints and bones, and smoothing away any anxiety…  Down, down, deeper into a state of complete relaxation.  (Pause)


2 – Now, relax your legs… feeling the muscles nestling in a soft place… melting away all  tension.  The healing white light fills every area of your body that needs healing… smoothing away any pains and anxiety.  Feel your ankles relax… as you go deeper into a relaxed state.  Feel your feet and toes… totally relaxed… (Pause)


1 – You are now in a state of deep relaxation.


Now, perhaps you see yourself walking along a path through a field…  Feel the warm, soft breeze caressing your skin… the air feels so warm and comforting.  Hear the birds flying overhead with their beautiful songs… the soft waving of the breeze in the field is so relaxing…  so soothing… bringing you deeper into a state of relaxation.  (Pause)


All the different flowers leave a beautiful palette of color… like a painting on canvas…As you look at the sky, it is so blue and beautiful… and the air has the wonderful fragrance of flowers…  Perhaps you see bees moving from flower to flower, drinking in the sweet nectar…  a hummingbird may hover near you, curious and pondering its next flower…


As you feel the warm breezes caressing your skin, you now see the path in front of you leads up into the mountain.  As you follow this path, you notice it getting steeper and steeper as it elevates higher towards the mountain peak… knowing that it will lead you to your higher consciousness – your Higher Self.  Everything surrounding you is beautiful, and the air is clean and refreshing… Perhaps there are many different types of birds, trees and flowers along this path…  You can feel the incline as you lean forward to walk, and you can feel your breathing change as the climb gets steeper and steeper… and you know you will soon be fully emerged in your Higher Self and Higher Knowledge…




And now, as you have reached the peak, in front of you is a doorway to your Higher Knowledge…  notice the appearance of this door… the door parts open and light floods forth, surrounding and bathing you in brilliant warm light… (Pause)   Perhaps there is a message for you for your higher learning… or a message about your higher purpose… Acknowledge your true brilliance and feel, hear or see your message… (Long pause)


Unleash the power of your pure potential….  Allow your creative mind to flow and expand…

When you are ready, you can clear your DNA of all debris and pollution…  and reset the memory of your DNA to purity and goodness…  to complete health and wholeness…  (Pause).  Fill your DNA with positive, loving thoughts…  Perhaps you notice more DNA strands appearing as you heal…  Maybe 2… or 4 more strands… or 12 strands of DNA illuminating to their state of perfection… (Long pause)




Good…  Now, every time you request to communicate with your Higher Self, you always can see, feel and hear it clearly …


Whenever you have a question for your Higher Self, you remember how easy it is to hear your truth and to know your path… and to tap into your pure potential.


And whenever you wish to cleanse your DNA, you always remember that you can fill your DNA with positive thoughts and love to heal it…


Whenever you feel you aren’t getting the answers that you seek, you remember how easy it is to open and elevate your consciousness to your Higher Consciousness… being able to know what is best for you, and which direction to take…




The 3 R’s:  As I count to 3…

  • 1 – You will be able to return to this state easily, whenever it is appropriate.  Wiggle your toes, become aware of your surroundings…
  • 2 – You will find it easy to remember everything you need to remember.  Take some deep breaths and move around…
  • 3 – You will awake feeling alert and refreshed.  Stretch and open your eyes…  feeling exhilarated and happy.


  1. Most of the time I feel like a witch who’s been stripped of magic powers

    • I’m not sure how you mean that, but you can always get your higher powers back by living in a state of Love, meditating, spending time in nature, and having gratitude for everything in your life. Lifting your consciousness/vibration can help you from falling into the pits of despair and negative emotions, which will lower your vibration. The higher your vibration, the closer you become to the Angels and Ascended Masters. That’s what helps me, anyway. I hope this is helpful to you, too.